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6 Steps to Deleting a Computer Virus

6 Steps to Deleting a Computer Virus

In this fast pace information environment our laptop and computers are everything to us.  One of the most common problems is viruses.  They are frustrating and if not contained can cause Read More →

How does your Tablet PC Work

How does your tablet PC work


The PC tablet has taken the world by storm but whats most interesting the Read More →

How Does Your Laptop Work

How does your laptop work?

As with the computer the laptop functions similar in terms of the inner workings of the CPU, mother board, hardware communication and POST process applications. ( For more on the inner workings look Read More →

How does your Personal Computer Work

How does your Personal Computer Work For those like me who are technically challenged I will explain how your computer works as plainly as possible.  I am not a tech by a long shot as I expressed in why Read More →

Richmond Virginia Computer Repair

Hello! Welcome to Richmond, VA Computer Repair Yes, I realize that is an odd name for a website, but there is a reason for choosing this particular combination of words. You see, when a homeowner in Richmond Virginia needs computer repair Read More →